How to apply for scholarships in china (Process)

  • Admission And Scholarship

    RightWayAbroad PtvLtd have sol agreement with well ranked universities in China. We help you to get admission on scholarship in different universities in China from any where around the Globe. There are three types of Main Scholarships in China.

    (1) Chinese Government Scholarships (Scholarships Provided By Chinese Government It Self for International Students)
    (2) Chinese Provisional Scholarships (Scholarships Provided By Local or Provincial Governments In China for International Students)
    (3) Chinese Universities Scholarships. (Scholarships Provided By Universities in China for International Students)

    Scholarships may be partial funded (Tuition or hostel fee is free with monthly stipend) or fully funded (Tuition and hostel fee is free along with monthly stipend). It depends on university you are going to apply.

  • Visa Process

    There are different categories of Student visa for China.
    (1) X1 Visa
    (2) X2 Visa

    X1 visa is provided to those International students who want to study a complete degree program in china which is more than 6 months. For this category JW202 visa letter is issued by the Institute/University. This visa is probably up to 5 years and student has to renew resident permit every year.

    X2 visa is provided to those Pakistani students who want to do non-degree programs from China. Its duration is max 6 months. For this visa category JW201 Visa letter is issued by the institute.
    When your admission is confirmed rightwayabroad.com helps you in issuing JW202 visa letter from university. When JW202 visa letter is issued then we will make sure attestation of visa letter from China Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) through university. Without attestation of MOFA you will not get visa from China Embassy.

  • Visa Files Prepration

    After getting admission letter and attested JW202 visa letter next step is visa files preparation to get visa from Chinese embassy. For getting visa you have to provide your required documents to China Education Consultant.

    Required documents are:
    (1) Attested High school transcripts from relevant Education Board, IBCC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    (2) Attested Bachelors Degree and Transcript from Higher Education Commission (HEC) (only for Master applicants).
    (3) Attested Bachelors and Master Degree and Transcript from Higher Education Commission (HEC) (Only for PHD applicants).
    (4) Passport.
    (5) Police Character Certificate.
    (6) Bank Statement (Only for self finance applicants) etc.
    Along With Few Other Documents.

    After providing documents we will complete your files according to Chinese Embassy rules and regulations. We also help you to get prepared for Chinese Embassy interview. Then our company employee takes you to the Chinese Embassy. We guaranteed you that we will make your interview process faster. So you don’t need to get struck in line or wait for your number in embassy.

  • Charges

    Services charges of our company depend upon university, nature of scholarship and Degree level in which student wants to apply. Our services charges are different for fully-funded scholarships and Partial-Funded scholarships.

    NOTE: If you don’t get Admission or Scholarship then your payments are fully refundable.

  • Confirmation

    RightWayAbroad PtvLtd is a company providing Education Consultancy Services in different countries and is registered with Respected Country Government Authorities. We have contract with well-ranked universities of China. These universities officially launch their scholarships through our company. We are authorised to fill up all seats available for scholarships of contracted universities for International students. Due to this reason our cases are 100% confirmed and university keep the rejection of Students to Minimum.

    For avoiding the complexity and for the student satisfaction before any payment we do an agreement with our client on stamp paper because it is a good practice for every trade and we also give a receipt of payments to our clients.
    We think this is the only great deal and secure platform for you to get scholarship in well known universities in China.