Hubei University of Technology

Location: Wuhan-Hubei-China
(City / Province / Country)

Session/Intake Session/Intake: March/September 2022

Language: English
(Medium of instruction)

Location: Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Ranking: World Rank 1948 / National Rank 266

Bachelor Program (Taught in English) Major:

1. Computer Science and Technology
2. Software Engineering
3. Civil Engineering
4. Mechanical Engineering and Automation
5. Electrical Engineering and Automation
6. International Trade and Economics
7. Pharmaceutical Engineering

Need to Pay After Scholarship

1. After Scholarship Tuition fees: 7000CNY/Year
2. Accommodation fees Free (Three Person in One Room)
3. Registration Fees 400CNY/Year
4. Insurance Fees: 600-800CNY/Year
5. Visa Extension fees 400CNY/Year
6. Medical Fees 400CNY (Only for 1st Year)
7. Deposit for Accommodation: 1000CNY (Refundable)

Documents: Must Be Color Scan copy

1. Clear Passport
2. Photo (White Back Ground)
3. High School Certificate and
4. Health Check Up
5. Non-Criminal Record
6. Bank Statement (5000$)
7. English Proficiency
8. Application Form
9. If anyone has study gap need supporting documents


Result requirements in China:

Student need to have 85% result in high School to get 7000CNY/Year if the result is less than 85% then need to pay more 3000CNY/Year