Northwestern Polytechnical University

Location: Xi'an-Shaanxi-China
(City / Province / Country)

Session/Intake Session/Intake: March/September 2022

Language: English
(Medium of instruction)


1. Bachelor Degree(NPU President Scholarship)

I-Type A: Full Tuition Fees free, Full Accommodation Fees Free and stipend 1500CNY/Month.
II-Type B:Full Tuition Fees free
III-Type C: 50% of tuition fees free
All others fees need be paid by students

2. Bachelor Degree(“The Belt & Road” Scholarship)

I-Type A:Full Tuition Fees free and stipend 1500CNY/Month
II-Type B:50% tuition fees free and stipend 1500CNY/Month
III-Type C:Stipend 1500CNY/Month

Note: All others fees need be paid by students, The Belt & Road country’s students can apply for The Belt & Road” Scholarship

3. Shaanxi Provincial Government Scholarship:

15000CNY/Year/Student(For on campus student)

Standard Fees structure

1 -Tuition fees (Bachelor Degree) 22000/Year 3150/Year
2 -Accommodation Fees 7200-10800/Year 1050-1550/Year
3-Medical Insurance Fees 800/Year 115/Year
4 -Residence Permit fees 400/Year 60/Year
5 -Health Check up(Only for 1st Year) fees 400-500 60-70
6 -Application Fees(Only for 1st Year) 600 85
7 -Living Costs 600-1000CNY/Month 85-140


1. Aeronautical Engineering
2. Astronautics Engineering
3. Ocean Engineering
4. Materials Science and Engineering
5. Mechanical Engineering
6. Civil Engineering
7. Electronics & Information Engineering
8. Electrical Engineering and Automation
9. Computer Science & Technology
10. Business Administration
11. Biotechnology


Scan Copy of the following documents are required to apply

1. Secondary School Certificate And Transcripts – SSC (METRIC / O LEVEL)
2. High school Certificate And Transcripts – HSSC (FSC / A LEVEL).
3. Bachelor Degree and Transcript
4. Master Degree and Transcript
5. 2 recommendation letters from professor or associate professor
6. Passport Front Page  (1st four pages)
7. Passport Sized Photograph With White Back Ground
8. Physical Examination Form
9. Police Character Certificate
10. Bank Statement (5000$)


In order to Apply and continue the scholarship, the student will have to keep up with the following terms and conditions:

1. Should at least have 60% Marks or B grade in Secondary School Certificate – SSC (METRIC / O Level).
2. Should at least have 60% Marks or B grade in Higher School Certificate – HSSC (FSC / A Level).
3. Should at least have B grade or 3.0 CGPA in Bachelor Degree
4. Should at least have B grade or 3.0 CGPA in Master Degree
5. Should not fail any subject.
6. Attendance in the class should be 90%
7. Should not break any law of the University
8. Should not break any law of P. R. China
9. Should not indulge in a fight or bad behaviour inside or outside the campus.