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China Scholarships Programs

China has become the one of the best and favourite place to study abroad due to its great level and career building education. Due to great increase in international students in past decades china is offering different scholarships programs to worldwide students to continue higher education in worlds post populous place on planet. It’s a great opportunity for international students to continue their higher education on different scholarships programs and also explore the great and old civilisation and culture of China.

Full-Funded And Partial Scholarships

In fully-funded scholarships the student is granted by both tuition and hostel along with monthly stipend.
Following are the main scholarships programs offered by china for international students.
In partial scholarship the student may grant tuition fee or hostel fee and stipend may or may not provided to student. In china the stipend is given for only 10 months a year.

Chinese Central Government Scholarships

Chinese government scholarships are basically provided by the Chinese Scholarship Council which is the non-profitable organisation of Ministry of Education of China. Chinese government has set up a variety of China scholarships to support worldwide students, instructors and researchers to study and continue their higher education and research in Chinese Universities. They must meet the language requirements of the advanced education establishments. Scholarships provided by the Chinese government are usually full-funded, so it’s a great opportunity for international students to study in world’s strong economy without any cost and with great international exposure.

Chinese Provincial Government Scholarships

These kinds of grants are allowed by local/provincial governments, including the government of the four Chinese urban communities considered “direct-controlled districts” (Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing and Shanghai), as they work as provinces in themselves.

This type of China scholarships supports PhD, Masters, Undergraduates and Chinese language courses students.Type A: For Postgraduate Degree Programs (Masters, PhD)
Type B: For Undergraduate Degree Programs (Bachelors)
Type C: For Diploma Programs (Chinese Language Courses)

The fundamental element of these grants is that the application is done specifically and only by means of the destination University. The time period of funding will also vary depend on the universities and kind of programs like, Bachelors, Masters and PhD degree programs have a duration of 2 to 4 years and other language courses in the vicinity of 1 and 2 years. Every year, you should apply to reestablish your grant, which will be given to you on student prove that he/she is an extraordinary student.

Chinese Universities Scholarships

Chinese universities scholarships are directly offered by universities to the students of china and international students also. With a specific end goal to draw in the best global students, researchers and teachers, many established Chinese universities and colleges have built up their own grant plans.
In this program the some universities offer Partial Scholarships and some offer Fully-Funded scholarships. It depends on the policy of the university you are going to apply. In this program students can apply directly to the university offering scholarship in China.

University Scholarships are available in various programs of  Bachelor, Master and PHD Degree.

Bachelor Scholarships In China

Bachelor Degree in China takes 4 years of study. Students who are willing to apply for bachelor scholarship in china must have to complete their 12 years of education.

Bachelor Scholarships In China
MBBS In China

MBBS in China, is usually a 6 Years Program With Internship included in Last Year, For International Students minimum 60% mark are required in Pre-Medical . MBBS is on self finance in China but its quite affordable compared to Medical Universities around the world.

MBBS In China
Master Scholarships In China

Master Degree in China takes 2 to 3 years of study including 6 months of Chinese language course prior to the start of university session, which is usually free. Students must have 16 years of education to apply

Master Scholarships In China
PHD Scholarships In China

It takes almost 3 years of study depending upon university, this duration also includes 6 months of Chinese language course. China is providing PhD scholarships for the students who want to do research in their fields in china.

PHD Scholarships In China
Chinese Language Scholarships

Chinese Language Course Scholarships in China takes 6 to 1 year of study. Students who are willing to apply for bachelor scholarship in china must have to complete their 10 years of education.

Chinese Language Scholarships

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